Shaping Clay


Get your hands dirty with fun and interactive hand building lessons. All students love working with clay and feel extremely accomplished after completing a project. Class sizes are kept small in order to ensure each participant gets enough attention from the instructor. We will be using hand-building techniques. Projects may include items such as: Clay animals sculptures, name plaque, pinch pots, mugs, tiles, lidded pots, jewelry items, slab building and coil pots. 

- Adult Classes (age 18+) -

$1200/4 lessons, for 2hours, once a week.

Kiln and materials fees are as follows: $0.50/cubic inch (minimum charge of $5)

- Kids Classes (age 6-12) -
$1800/8 lessons, for a 1 hour lesson, once a week (materials and firing fees included).

- Teen Classes (age 13-18) -

$1920/8 lessons, for a 1 hour lesson, once a week (materials and firing fees included).

- Private Classes -

$1000/2hours for up to two people. You can choose to do hand building or wheel throwing. Kiln and materials fees are included.

Clay Mugs


Payment method: cash or cheque prior to start of class to secure your space.

Public Holidays: the studio is closed on Public Holidays.

Cancellation policy: All Payments are final. Classes or workshops can only be refunded for credit towards another class or workshop of equal value if canceled 7 days before the start of class. Applications are accepted on a "first come, first served" basis. 

Bad weather arrangement: all classes will be cancelled when typhoon signal no. 8 or black thunderstorm signal is hoisted 2 hours before class starts.  Class cancellation due to bad weather cannot be made up and no refund can be given.

Make up class arrangement: make up classes must be made up within the term/month and are also subject to space availability. No refunds can be given. 

Studio Etiquette: All patrons are required to fallow the rules of the studio to ensure a pleasant experience for all.

*Littler Egret Studio reserves the right to modify class scheduled. Notice will be given if changes are made.



  • Treat the people, studio, and equipment with care and respect

  • Help each other out, do not offer criticism unless it is asked for

  • Be considerate of others work, do not touch or move work that does not belong to you

  • After use, everything needs to be cleaned and returned to its correct place.

  • Clean as you go, always wipe with a clean wrung-out sponge

  • If you are done in one area, do not move to another without cleaning up first

  • After you are done on the wheel, clean wheel, splash pan, table, chair, and water bucket

  • Place clay scraps & slip in reclaim bucket; nothing from the floor or sink goes in the reclaim bucket. Put it in the trash instead.

  • Rinse out any sponges you’ve used and put them away clean

  • Make sure to label all of your personal tools with a marker

  • Make sure ALL clay and greenware is labelled with your name & date

  • Make sure all greenware is signed on the bottom before putting on the ‘to-be bisque’ shelf

  • Please take your finished work home with you within 30 days of completion 

  • Abandoned, dried out or not labelled pieces will be discarded after 30 days

  • Regular studio purges occur, everything must be taken home during a purge

  • The studio is not responsible for pieces that break during the firing process or get thrown out if abandoned for more than 30 days

What to wear:

We highly recommend wearing clothing you won't mind getting a dirty and closed toed shoes. We do provide communal aprons to help keep you a little clean. Jewelry such as rings, bracelets and watches are best left at home. Hair tied up and long nails trimmed are definitely advised for a safe and productive learning experience.