Fatima Morrissey is a mother of two and an enthusiastic ceramics artist. Her love for pottery started at a very young age and she believes playing with mud is just as much fun for children as it is for adults.
The cool, malleable consistency of clay is calming and therapeutic. Clay has such fascinating properties - it can be dissolved in water and fired to the hardness of rock. Fatima loves the creative process - the evolution and transformation of a piece taking shape, and the meditative feeling in her studio.

Her functional and sculptural pieces have an eclectic mix and influence from European and Asian folk art and tell stories that evoke curiosity and trigger the imagination.



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dragon knot.jpg
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Fatima Morrissey, Isha, 2018, ceramic, 4
Fatima Morrissey, Isha, back detail, 201
Fatima Morrissey, Isha, face detail, 201
Fatima Morrissey, Isha, 2, 2018, ceramic