Wheel Throwing


Try your hand at this introductory wheel throwing workshop.  Understand the fundamental properties of clay and the importance of wedging. Learn how to center, open, and form.

If you are interested in learning to finish your pot with trimming and finally glazing additional private sessions will need to be booked. 

- Private Classes -

$1000/2hours for up to two people.

If you are interested in joining the ongoing lessons we will start with the basics of hand-building: you will be introduced to pinching, then coiling and slab building before progressing to wheel throwing so you get a grasp of the process, limitations and possibilities when working with clay.

- Adult Classes (age 15+) -

$1200/4 lessons, for 2hours, once a week.

Kiln and materials fees are as follows: $0.50/cubic inch (minimum charge of $5)

Clay Mugs


Payment method: cash or cheque prior to start of class to secure your space.

Public Holidays: the studio is closed on Public Holidays.

Cancellation policy: All Payments are final. Classes or workshops can only be refunded for credit towards another class or workshop of equal value if canceled 7 days before the start of class. Applications are accepted on a "first come, first served" basis. 

Bad weather arrangement: all classes will be cancelled when typhoon signal no. 8 or black thunderstorm signal is hoisted 2 hours before class starts.  Class cancellation due to bad weather cannot be made up and no refund can be given.

Make up class arrangement: make up classes must be made up within the term/month and are also subject to space availability. No refunds can be given. 

Studio Etiquette: All patrons are required to fallow the rules of the studio to ensure a pleasant experience for all.

*Littler Egret Studio reserves the right to modify class scheduled. Notice will be given if changes are made.



  • Treat the people, studio, and equipment with care and respect

  • Help each other out, do not offer criticism unless it is asked for

  • Be considerate of others work, do not touch or move work that does not belong to you

  • After use, everything needs to be cleaned and returned to its correct place.

  • Clean as you go, always wipe with a clean wrung-out sponge

  • If you are done in one area, do not move to another without cleaning up first

  • After you are done on the wheel, clean wheel, splash pan, table, chair, and water bucket

  • Place clay scraps & slip in reclaim bucket; nothing from the floor or sink goes in the reclaim bucket. Put it in the trash instead.

  • Rinse out any sponges you’ve used and put them away clean

  • Make sure to label all of your personal tools with a marker

  • Make sure ALL clay and greenware is labelled with your name & date

  • Make sure all greenware is signed on the bottom before putting on the ‘to-be bisque’ shelf

  • Please take your finished work home with you within 30 days of completion 

  • Abandoned, dried out or not labelled pieces will be discarded after 30 days

  • Regular studio purges occur, everything must be taken home during a purge

  • The studio is not responsible for pieces that break during the firing process or get thrown out if abandoned for more than 30 days

What to wear:

We highly recommend wearing clothing you won't mind getting a dirty and closed toed shoes. We do provide communal aprons to help keep you a little clean. Jewelry such as rings, bracelets and watches are best left at home. Hair tied up and long nails trimmed are definitely advised for a safe and productive learning experience.